Public Involvement
The Port of Seattle’s work on T-108 Source Control has been ongoing and active since December of 2004. A current timeline of past and future activities includes:

• December 2004, Ecology publishes “Duwamish/Diagonal Way Source Control Action
   Plan (SCAP)”
• January 2009, Port of Seattle publishes “Terminal 108 Environmental Conditions Report”
• October 2009, Port of Seattle publishes “Terminal 108- Western Parcel Source Control
   Strategy Plan”
• 2011, Port of Seattle publishes “Terminal 108- Eastern Parcel Source Control Strategy
• 2001 – 2012, Port of Seattle introduces “Terminal 108 SC Implementation Plan”
• 2012 -2014 Implementation of the “Terminal 108 Source Control Implementation Plan”
• 2014, Port of Seattle publishes “Terminal 108W, 108E, and 106W Source Control Data
   Evaluation Report”
• 2015, Port of Seattle implementing Terminal 108 West Bank Pilot Stabilization Project

The site is currently undergoing Source Control strategy development, with participation and review by Ecology. Recently, the Port published a comprehensive assessment of the site’s environmental history and potential pathways in the Terminal 108 Environmental Conditions Report of January 2009. Following an assessment of baseline environmental conditions, the Port prepared the Terminal 108 - Western Parcel Source Control Strategy Plan, dated October 30, 2009, which identifies real or potential recontamination pathways and matched these with the appropriate source control measures for reducing or eliminating contamination pathways to the waterway sediment. A Source Control Strategy Plan for Terminal 108 East and Terminal 106 West was published on August 29, 2011. A sampling and analysis plan for this Source Control Strategy Plan was completed and published on June 8, 2012. Data was collected and analyzed, and has been published in the Source Control Data Evaluation Report dated June 2014.

To access these and other published environmental documents related to Terminal 108, please visit the Library page.